8 Things Which Show that You Are Meant to Be Together

Do you believe in the idea of ​​soul mates? Do you think such people even exist? Is there somewhere in this vast world the only person who is destined to live the rest of their life with you?

Well, most people believe that you need to find your soul mate, and most likely you are no exception. Chances are you believe that your fate in this regard is predetermined from birth, and you just have to surrender to her will, and in every way contribute to its implementation.

A recent case study shows that the vast majority of adults believe that they have soul mates. By the way, the same study shows that faith in it does not depend on whether you are a guy or a girl. Both sexes are equally attracted to the idea of ​​finding their second half, with whom they want to live up to gray hair and many grandchildren.

And if you want to check how much you are compatible, first of all, make sure that these eight things are present in your relationship. Because if this is not so, then most likely, you are simply not destined to be together.

1. Together, you feel happy and safe

Your relationship should be a safe haven for you. It should help you heal the wounds in your soul. The right relationship should not fill your mind with fears and self-doubt; it should not feed all these negative things. And therefore, if your relationship does not have a sense of security, this is one of the first red flags indicating that something is wrong with them. Any Ukrainian bride will be a perfect lover and a great mom for your children, maybe you should try seeking your soul mate among them.

2. You know how to have fun together

If there is no place and time for fun in your life together, your relationship is not entirely healthy. You should never forget to spend time on entertainment, at least the simplest one, like watching your favorite TV shows. Work and self-development are a must, but who doesn’t like to let off all serious things and just laugh at times?

Once again, if there is no place for fun and relaxation in your relationship, chances are you do not fit together. A couple who doesn’t know how to have fun is unlikely to be together for a long time, and certainly not forever, as in fairy tales.

3. Go shopping together and be able to choose gifts for each other

Shopping should not be difficult for you – both joint and to buy something that your soul mate needs. You should not be annoyed by the need to go together to the grocery store to buy supplies for a week.

You need to know your partner enough to be able to choose  a gift for them  in the store without their participation. If even something so simple is difficult for you, then you should accept the fact that you, as a couple, have serious problems that need to be addressed.

4. You are honest with each other

You should always be completely honest with each other, especially concerning your relationship. And make every effort to be as sincere and open as possible. If both of you think that the partner is better off not knowing about certain aspects of your life, then most likely, the relationship is far from being as ideal as you would like.

5. You are comfortable to be silent in the presence of each other

To be happy, you do not always have to do something interesting and exciting. To have the time of your life, you shouldn’t always waste a ton of money on clubs and restaurants. Enjoy spending time together, even if you are involved in your own business like reading or studying.

6. You respect each other’s personal space

The fact that you started dating or even living with another person does not mean that you must refuse to be a self-sufficient person and destroy the boundaries of your personal space.

Each of you must respect the rules your partner set for themselves and not cross them without permission. If you are unable to tolerate each other’s preferences, even in such a small way as the right to privacy and some me-time, then you are in a toxic relationship, which, fortunately, is unlikely to last long.

7. You support each other’s dreams and aspirations

Relationships should never stand in front of you, as a barrier to your dreams and goals. If you feel that your romantic relationship makes you give up everything dear to you, then this is not at all worth holding on to. Healthy relationships should inspire you and give confidence.

8. You can communicate with each other

If you want your relationship to last as long as possible, you must learn to communicate. You will never succeed if you do not know how to show your feelings to each other. You should not have forbidden topics.