How to use apps to control your sex toys 


Thanks to sex toys technology, sex toys have become one of the few most discussed topics regarding sex and adult entertainment at large. Before now, most individuals are not always comfortable discussing their sex toy collections or if they even have one in their closet. However, in recent times, more than enough sex toys have been scattered around the internet. Thanks to technological advancements, the sex toy community has various toys with various functionalities. There are more than several varieties of dildos and other newly designed sex toys. Before now, all there were dildos and rechargeable vibrators.

You don’t have to pretend to buy something else when all you want is a sex toy to massage your clit. Although there’s still a lot of energy to be put into destigmatizing the use of sex toys, they remain one of the core contributors to living a healthy and balanced sex life. When you visit cam girls’ live sessions, you will be amazed at the number of sex toys arrayed with rating functionalities. Depending on what you want, there could be about two to three different sex toys with similar characteristics.

If you are conversant with the sex toy community, you must have come across various sex toys with apps that could be installed on your phone. All you need is synchronization, and you get to control the sex toy from your phone without stress. One of the most interesting ways of exploring your sexuality is by doing it with your partner, engaging in mutual masturbation, or watching porn. It becomes more fun when your long-distance partner can share your sex toy with you. In this context, imagine having control of the sex toy the cam model is using on her live cam session? You don’t have to speak to turn her on when you have the remote. All you need to do is turn it on and off at will. Imagine using your phone while on a video sex chat with a live cam girl on her cam show, and you watch her jerk off at every command you give!!!

Here are some of the sex toys you can control from your phone while having a great time with a cam girl

  • We-vibe: 

This is one of the first generations of sex you designed to be controlled by a phone app. So, the fun continues irrespective of where your partner might be since you have the app on your smartphone and your partner has this vibrator. If peradventure you want to try it out on cam girls’ lives sessions, then you must be sure the cam girl has the toy and synchronizes it with your phone. Once the connection is established, it becomes easier for you to explore this mind-blowing experience. If you are in a long-distance sexual relationship, this is a one for the road; you will need it at some point.

  • Vibease: 

Far back in 2016, this sex toy used to be one of the talks of the town, especially in every lady’s discussion and on cam girls’ live session. However, there have been recent upgrades to this vibrator such that you could have it connected to a long-distance party to make it more fun. This strong yet portable vibrator is such that it could be worn alongside your panties and connected to a voice recognition app synchronized with your smartphone such that at any similar voice recognition, it begins to massage your clit so badly you might feel your thigh about to blow up from the warmth of ejaculation.

  • The crescendo: 

From the name, you can tell that this sex toy is a mind-blower. The most interesting fact about this sex toy is that it is unique compared to every other sex toy. One main reason for its uniqueness is that compared to other sex toys, it’s very flexible, which means that you can use this sex toy anywhere and anyhow. Irrespective of whether you need clitoral stimulation or you want both the clitoral stimulation and the anal stimulation, you can have them both thanks to these flexible sex toys. It should be noted that all of these possibilities are carried out from the app pre-installed on a smartphone. So, while the cam girl enjoys maximum orgasms, you can watch and control everything from the other side of the screen, holding just your smartphone. Also, you could use the crescendo to explore some of your fetishes, making it the perfect toy to help you explore your sexuality and fetish. If you are still wondering how this can be possible, get yourself this sex toy.

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