Miley Cyrus’ Hard Nipple Can Not Be Contained

Miley Cyrus nipple slip

Miley Cyrus proves once again that her rock hard nipples can not be contained, as her erect tit topper rips through the flimsy fabric of her blouse in the photos above.

Clearly Miley caught sight of a virile Muslim man and became so aroused that her milk valve shredded her top. No doubt her undergarments didn’t fair much better, as they became as dank and damp as the swampland this trailer trash thot came from.

Between her rock hard pokies and constantly gyrating ass cheeks, infidel clothing simply does not stand a chance at constraining Miley’s extreme sluttery… Luckily a holy coarse black wool burka is up to the task.

Miley Cyrus naked bath

Of course Miley will have to be thoroughly deloused before she is allowed to touch such a sacred garment… And standard baths (like the one above) will not be sufficient, as they are sorely lacking in the cleansing power of battery acid and pure Saudi Arabian crude.