Sofia Vergara Shows Her Ass In A Thong With Her Niece

Sofia Vergara thong ass niece

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara (on the left) flaunts her bulbous Bogota butt cheeks while posing in a thong bikini with her niece (on the right) in the photo above.

Sofia Vergara thong ass

As we can clearly see from this comparison pic and Sofia’s other thong bikini photos above, the newer model of the Colombian El Whoreo is no match for the body styling of the old classic.

Sofia Vergara nude tits ass

Of course when it comes to women younger is nearly always better… However, there is an exception to every rule (except the one that says that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet), and Sofia appears to be that exception in this case.

Sofia Vergara nude

With that said, one can not help but suspect that Sofia is just barely holding it all together using a beauty regime of Satanic witchcraft and duct tape.