Sommer Ray Full Nipple Slip And Thick Booty Cheeks

Sommer Ray nipple slip

Model Sommer Ray fully slips out her nipple while laying around in a thong bikini in the photo above.

Sommer Ray nipple slip

This is the second time that Sommer Ray has exposed her sinful tit toppers this week, as the see through outtake photo above was recently released online… Leaving many to speculate that Sommer will soon pose topless.

Of course no one really cares about Sommer’s small breast sacks, as she is best known for her world class ass haunches.

Sommer Ray booty

Which as you can see in the photos above are as thick and plowable as ever… And by plowable I mean that they should be hooked up to a plow to till the earth on a powerful Muslim’s poppy plantation.

Sommer Ray ass thong

For Sommer is certainly a fine specimen of female livestock and there is not a red-blooded Muslim man alive who not be proud to have her bulbous booty chained up in his barn.